Chilli peanuty Chinese!

Sadly I could not attend the lahore eat festival ūüė¶ a big dud or witness the launch of gulahmed lawn while I was there in the fortress mall because of two handfuls but all was not lost as I ended up having the chowmin from China grill.. I admit it’s not all that awsome but the peanut oil is what I find really interesting and coming from someone who doesn’t like sneakers or peanuts that’s like huge deal and the Kashmiri chilli cuts is another interesting factor as I haven’t come across those  in Pakistani version of Chinese food. No clue how authentic chinese tastes but someone once told me that it’s nothiiing like what we eat in Pakistan so I guess I am good. The peppery fish deal was pretty decent too whoever likes chilli and do no want to have McDonald try that. Though a lil warning the other deals we tried before quite a few times were just average.

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Blush brush brush!

I have been away from home from quite sometime during which time i also took a 3 day makeup class which you will know if you have been reading my blog.¬†So the typical behavior would be to unpack¬†and¬†manage all that stuff, and keep in mind that it is not just my stuff my two kids stuff aswell one of them in pampers and both of them needing a bath terribly….ah well not really….the first thing i did was to take out all my old makeup brought by SIL from abroad over the years¬†and see what was what since i did not have a clue about those stuff before and they were just rotting in our yearly moves/postings from one carton¬†to another….and yaaay i have quite a few yummy things which ofcourse needs a lot of cleaning as the containers look crap and a few of shades broken in some kits ruining¬†the pallets. But thankfully all can be saved with a little love and i am extremely excited to use them and yes definitely no carton for my makeup eveeer…. i am keeping everything super close to my heart….and i also own¬†this kirkland brush set which i am super excited to use and replace the knock off brushes which i got for the class ofcourse this is an 8 piece brush set and my knock off Sophie Ashley is a 24 brush set which costed me rs 1300. So like whatever….nothing beats an original right! its actually funny how clueless i was about the usage of these brushes and kept the guiding/whats what page with me for ages but never even bothered reading it. I was pretty happy with my Sephora blush brush and pro angled shadow brush which were¬†the only two brushes i¬†have been using for the last 8 years. IMAGINE!!!!!

This is the kirkland and the two sephora ones i have been telling you about.

The brush set in packed form as i wanted to show off the silvery grey brush pouch. (The pic is off internet and i in no way take ownership of it, i had to clarify as supposingly copyright is a huge issue and i am still learning)

brushessss (1)


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My new daily skin regimen!

So i am totally psyched about my recent¬†regimen of skin care. Never paid heed to it and cribbed that makeup looks crap…i mean of course it would over a dry patchy skin. I have just started with this routine and so far i am taking it pretty seriously so fingers crossed that in no time my skin will glow¬†like some beauty queen…I WISH!!!!! so until i stay strong in my resolution here goes what i am doing.

For exfoliation i am using baisan (gram flour), the kind we use to make pakoras as it is supposingly  awesome to remove tan, fighting pimples, skin lightening, reducing oiliness and removing unwanted facial hair. Also as a scrub when paired with milk, grounded oats it removes dead cells, excess sebum and dirt quite effectively. It gives you a clean and smooth skin.So why spend a lot when you can have use a cost effective home remedy.

Loreal hydra-total 5 -Pre cleansing milk. 5 because it claims to remove makeup, refreshes, hydrate, softens and purifies. Seems like a repetition in different words but what the heck. it was cheap and thus i got it. The one i was eyeing dermatologica precleanse was like 6k and this was arnd 700 to 1000 bucks max.

Third is list in Loreal White perfect -whitening and moisturizing toner. Yah most of¬†Pakistani women are obsessed¬†about¬†the whitening bit or atleast i am – you say whitening and i will buy it about being lame or painfully truthful right ūüôā it says it is pro-exfoliatine whatever that means and again very cost friendly. I remember i had a really good God knows what company’s toner and lol i never figured out what the hell it was supposed to do¬†so never used it until recently i was told that it tightens pores. I mean seriously why the hell did i just not google, maybe i could have saved something of my skin’s irrationality ūüôā

Baby lotion….dont we all just love baby lotion…this i stole from my bhabs… and i am so using it until it finishes and den only and only den i will ask around if they know a good face moisturizer.

Now i am off to do all what i just wrote and¬†you for starters go find that besan¬†from the kitchen, hide it if your mom plans to make pakoras today as¬†we all know skin is far more important than those yummmy chutni laden pakoras we have with tea… :p¬†oh what the heck go have those pakoras….!!!!




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Repost:3rd May 2007-Women Rights

hye i cant seem to get over Army…i meant as a topic….one of ma friend got into the army which is of course an honour being part of the first batch … coming to think of it sounds pretty cool…grls being trained in the PMA doing all the rough exercises standing side by side …. equal rights and etc….the uniform is ofcourse another complementary token….after seeing the pics all i want to do is thank God that i am not a part of them …. waking up so early, sleeping soo late, having no life whatsoever, going through the exercise, studies and raging…my God…ok just the studies part is enough to scare me man….EeeeKK and crawling through debris and mud is another….and after that all is not bed of roses either….the people who used to respect or atleast pretended to respect u for being a women can trash u for no good reason now like not saluting, not saying yes sir to everything, for not being a slave.. as now u are in the army and army doesnt differentiate if u are a man or a women…ok lets get this straight wats with equal rights….women want to be first in line….they want speacial counters, they want women to be in laungerie shops, they demand things endlessly and then want equal rights…i keep telling ma sis that basically its not equal right we are looking for, we want better, priviledged rights…ah sigh women will be women ….lol i see i tend to divert from the topic all the time…till later bubye

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A birthday to remember!

Ok before hand i would like make it clear that i am not proud of it but i actually forgot my sons third¬†birthday…I know you would say that in the hustle bustle of life that is not strange, well wait for it….i am on vacation and i have like nothing to do .. ok except maybe the¬†natural needs of a basic human being…errr still not convinced….i attended my sisters sons 3rd birthday which actually was a month back and she was celebrating it today…..I remembered her babys birthday when it was and forgot mines…How can i forgot the fruit of 9 months labor….God!!! and the height of it is i told him that its his birthday at 11ish and said yaaaay you are three …we all got excited for a minute¬†and then¬†i went to take a bath…ah i have no excuse and thus to redeem myself this post is dedicated to him coz obviously a post is 100 times better than a thomas train themed cake and dozens of birthday gifts…and one day he will thank me for it…happy Birthday my love…

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Oven Hot!

Please bear with me when i say what the hell have they¬†been feeding us in the name of pizza….Finally after like a decade Pakistan has shown acceptance to thin crust yep the original Italian kind but sadly a lot of places claiming to offer thin crust serves a very dry n chewy crust which is not at all teeth friendly or for that matter¬†child friendly….Until my cousin introduced me to pizza originale- melt in the mouth¬†with¬†no beating around the bush ingredients¬†but bursting with flavor. I¬†am so not going back to¬†a lot of known pizza places and cafes for that matter. let the Italians do what they do best and well they sure know how to make pizza…if we cannot expect them to make¬†sindhi baryani,¬†i shouldand will not put my bet on¬†Pakistanis to create¬†a pizza on their own as good as the one i had today¬†unless ofcourse¬†peshawari pashteeza is in the race. Now go and google what a pashteeza is… and when u are in Peshawar u must go to saddar and have¬†it. After that maybe we can sit together and debate on¬†their claim¬†that it was actually them who introduced pashteeza which¬†the world copied and made¬†many variations calling each and everyone of them Pizza! Go figure

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Beauty costs a ton!

So while i was visiting my bro and bhabi in karachi and my year long desire to take a makeup class aroused and thus the pursuit of beauty took place and me n bhabs ended up in Kiran khans class a karachi based makeup stylist. For starters what a great idea…anyone with a passion for beauty and limited resources can start up a business from home, few clicks and a¬†few good reviews u are set. So back to the class..what an enlightenment….i mean before the class i thought a toner is for patchy skin …well what a revelation …its to tighten pores…ooooooo so whats next a primer…errr ok what is that now …u get my point ….i was like in preschool era when it came to makeup…for me sephora, body shop, loreal, maybelline and rimmel were the ultimate companies that produced makeup ….errr again what a goof ….well thats what i thought….so i may still need tons of more classes to get a good hand on makeup but i can safely write a three pager booklet/leaflet on makeup for dummies…yah ppl like me before the 3 day master class. Whoever knows a bit about makeup this is my haul after and during the class as, well i had crap¬†and the only thing passable¬†was my body shop face powder, rimmel glam plum Fulham 470 which i will always stand by and No7 classic rose a very mild lipstick for everyday use. So here is my haul which includes

Morphe 35 n eye shadow pallet
Urban decay Naked 3 pallet 
The balm nudetude
Maybelline lasting drama gel eye liner
Elf baked highlighter moonlight pearls
Christine contour no 1
Revlon photoready primer
Loreal nude 206
Kryola aqua color
Nyx dark circle corrector n concealer
MM eye varnish velvet dust
Burjois healthy mix foundation
Burjois healthy mix concealer
Nyx stick blush magnolia
Nyx Matt finish setting spray
Nyx lip creams montecarlo and Ibiza
Nyx butter gloss cherry pie

i would write my views¬†as a dummy of everything i have bought so people like me can relate and make important decisions of what should¬†be¬†bought and what to miss. so until next time i think makeup here goes what got me broke…12741878_10154212828442069_6070442216414850325_n


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